Terms & Conditions of Participation

Ownership and use of results

Stagecast AB ("Client") shall be the sole owner of all materials and all results which accrue through the participation at the LiveHacks event. Stagecast is allowed to use all results for business purpose. All copyright and any patent rights or other intellectual property rights connected with the Results constitute as Stagecast's property. This transfer includes the right to modify the results and to transfer the results and rights. The LiveHacks participant ("participant") waives his/her the possibility to enforce any moral right into these results to the extent possible. Transferred copyrights and similar rights may be freely transferred to third parties and modified without the participant's consent. The participant undertakes not to enforce any moral rights to which he/she is still the owner. Moreover, the participant is not entitled to use the results in his or her future business or other employments.


The participant agrees that until the Confidential information has become generally known by other means than by the participant's violation of the provisions of this Agreement not to reveal confidential information to third parties, which the participant obtains from Stagecast AB or which arises during performance of the event.The participant also agrees that until the Confidential information has become generally known by other means than by the participant's violation of the provisions of this Agreement not to use Confidential information, which the Consultant obtains from the Client or which arises during performance of the LiveHacks event, for any other purpose than fulfilling the participation.

Confidential information refers in this agreement to any item of information – technical, commercial or of any other nature – regardless of whether or not such information has been documented, with the exception of:

  • information, which is generally known or which becomes a matter of general knowledge in a manner other than through the Consultant's breach of the provisions of the agreement;
  • information, which the Consultant can prove that he had possessed before he received it from the Client;
  • information, which the Consultant received or will receive from a third party when the Consultant does not have a duty of secrecy to such party;
  • information, which is independently developed by the Consultant without reliance on, use of, or strategic guidance derived from, any Confidential information;
  • information, which the Consultant is required to disclose by law or a court or administrative order.

In cases referred to by c), above, the participant is not however entitled to reveal to third parties that the same information has been received from Stagecast pursuant to this agreement. The participant shall observe the Client´'s instructions regarding the handling of confidential information. The participant shall in a prudent manner handle confidential information and media carrying confidential information.


The participant undertakes not to carry out or otherwise support any activities competing with the Stagecast AB's activities or objectives. This undertaking shall apply to the participant during the time frame o the LiveHacks event and for a period of two (6) month after the event.The participant agrees that until than, not to, either directly or indirectly, conduct or in any other manner promote activities which compete with the Stagecast's present or, as a consequence of the Assignment, planned business.


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